1. Chameleon99

    First question from UK newbie...tablets/phones and data contract

    Hey fellow pilots. Newbie to the forum from Cumbria (North England) here....I'm tempted to get a phantom and wondered if someone could explain something first please - I can find plenty spec info online for the phantoms but I am having difficulty finding out an answer to the
  2. D.Bennett

    Construction Site Progress Shoot ???

    Is there anyone here that has flown construction sites for site progress photography/videography? I'm wondering if you would share a few things: - Price range to charge? - Contract or No Contract? If so, what are the terms? ex. How often are the updates required? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) -...
  3. Drones 4 Hire

    A Drone Pilots Perspective

    We just launched part of our drone pilot job board on 9/1 ( ). We want to expand on this platform with the drone pilot in mind. What business resource tools, services, or features would assist you in your drone business? Would you like to be able to keep records and jobs...
  4. D

    Seeking Experienced NYC Drone Operators

    Unique opportunity available for adventurous NYC Drone Operators, looking for seasoned pilots to assist with an on-going project. Interesting work being done with experimental 360 rigs. If interested, please email [email protected] with a bit of background and any viable example...