1. N

    p4p back from repair

    just got it back and i cant get it to communucate ...controller/aircraft. now i did upgrade my controller. and then turned on with aircraft. got a aircraft disconnected on my screen,,,, then looked on screen in settings and it said aircraft had latest firmware.....i love my drone but...
  2. P-2

    Visual issues on the iPad

    Help???........ suddenly my P4 is loosing visual com with the iPad. When the flight is over, the video is fine but during flight...... Really blotchy ...... TIA
  3. K

    Understanding the 5.8 GHz RC communication on PV2+

    Hey guys, I hope you guys can help me. I am currently working on a little project at home to help extend the range of my PV2+ but I really don't understand how the drone uses the 5.8 GHz RC control to do it and how it processes the signal and tells the drone to move around. I've done a little...
  4. Phil Tuggle

    Radio Suggestions? ICOM? Sporty's? Yaesu? Walmart (kidding)?

    Has anyone found a good radio for monitoring the controlled airspace and talking to ATC (especially for when you are authorized and inside/under it)? I would like to buy something new and with a warranty, but do not need all the bells and whistles like glide slope and VOR and such. Is there...