1. Maddy

    Coeur d Alene Lake sunset in Idaho

    The smoke and haze is finally gone from our region and was able to capture the sunset that I've been waiting for!
  2. dougvg

    Photos reversed and color messed up since new firmware

    I "upgraded" to the new firmware yesterday (01.05.0300) and updated the Android version of Go 4 (1.1.28). Now, when I shoot a photo straight down using Litchi, the photo is upside-down and the color is off way toward the blue end. Other photos are OK. Any ideas?
  3. MassDrone

    New England fall colors - 4K

    In eastern Massachusetts, the leaves are starting to get very bright in some areas. Shot with P3P, edited and graded in Premiere. Music by Kai Engel.
  4. J


  5. STGill

    Color tone questions

    I've noticed the P4 Pro camera has some wild shifts in it's color perception. Sometimes there is an orange tint to everything. Some photos and a video like attached for illustration. All were shot at the same place and time of day. It was very bright, pretty much high noon, and I had an ND...
  6. Z

    DJI LUTs

    I'm editing a show at the moment that is using a few DJI's cameras. I don't know exactly what models they are working with but I do know they are using Phantoms, Inspires and Osmos. They are filming in DLOG. So my question does DJI have a single LUT that converts the footage from DLOG to...
  7. J

    Color Finale for Final Cut Pro X - Should YOU buy it?

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  8. J

    My first how-to video!

  9. NotARubicon

    Finally Got My Color Settings Right

    Since I got my P3A I have not been happy with the color I've been getting out of the video. Since all the online "experts" say I MUST shoot in D-Log, I tried that first. I'm a photographer and always shoot in RAW so I figured it's pretty much the same.. But no matter how much (or little) color...
  10. J

    Firmware Update v1.1.140 Added a New Colour Mode

    After updating my Phantom 4 I noticed there is now a new colour setting named TrueColor. None has also been renamed to DJIColor(none). Does anyone know how this new setting performs? I have created a new gallery with screencaps of each of the common settings, they are, in order: D-Log...
  11. J

    D-Log Colour vs NONE - Detailed comparison

    I'm sure this has been posted here before, but I did a search and couldn't find it anywhere. Does everyone agree with this? Hopefully it is useful to some newbies, like myself.
  12. W

    My first actual edit!

    So I've uploaded my footage before but never actually edited any of it. Until now! What do you think? Colour graded and other stuff.