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  1. O

    Are color profiles defined in the aircraft, or in the app?

    In researching the unavailability of Vivid for my casual work with my Phantom 4 Pro, I've noticed some forum notes (here and at the DJI forum) indicating that Vivid appears seems to still appear for some models, but not others. For the record, I use both DJI Go 4 and Litchi, and both are missing...
  2. O

    Wherefore art thou Vivid color profile?

    I have used the Vivid color profile on my Phantom 4 Pro quite a lot for casual videos. I see now, that Vivid has disappeared as a choice, and that there is a new Blockbuster profile in DJI Go 4 (as well as Litchi). I'm not familiar with what Blockbuster is achieving, but it certainly does not...
  3. B

    New (?) P4P Color profile named "Film"

    This color profile, named "Film", showed up with the latest firmware update for the P4P. I'm guessing that it's a new profile rather than a name change of a previously available profile, because it seems different. I like it. Straight from the micro-SD card, no color grading in post. Style...
  4. tml4191

    Who Likes The New DLog Profile? -Poll-

    Who thinks that the new dlog is superior and why?