1. chrismorace

    Last Day! Don't miss out

    Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the Try Dragonfly in July promotion ends today, July 31st! It costs nothing to install the app and create an account, and there are some great reasons why it is worth 5 minutes of your time! :) You can get the app here or by searching "dragonfly drone video" on...
  2. See Norway

    SeeNorway - CLOUD Surfing nice waves over snowy grounds

    Hi good folks :) I just finished editing my cloud surfing video. This was a day that suddenly turned bad but ended in an awesome experience. Please enjoy and fly safe :) Youtube channel SeeNorway: SeeNorway
  3. Skyler King III

    Can telemetry on DJI cloud be accessed DIRECT from Desktop computer

    Can telemetry on DJI cloud be accessed DIRECT from Desktop computer? ie.e is there a aw, through a web browser to log into the DJI cloud and download? I KNOW I can get them from my SmartPhone/Tablet but I'm looking to get it DIRECTLY through the web from the DJI Cloud to my desktop. Thanks...
  4. D

    Litchi on Smartphone, PC and Cloud

    While IT literate, II am new to drone flying and to Litchi. Also I only really use my Smartphone for a few basic functions so not greatly experienced in the world of apps. So a newby question. Sorry if the answer is already around but if it is, I didn't find it. From Litchi's FilmSchool and...
  5. R

    Can I access my videos uploaded to Cloud App

    Hi, now that I uploaded my flights/videos to the DJI GO APP to the cloud, how can I get access to them? Is it only through the DJI GO APP? Rob