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  1. S

    Part 107? Here's how to file for Airspace Authorizations

    It is illegal to fly as a Part 107 operator in controlled airspace without FAA approval. Here's how to request an Airspace Authorization. Go to Request to Operate in Controlled Airspace Select Airspace Authorization: short term (less than 6 months) Most of the form you can fill out with...
  2. S

    Flying in class D Airspace

    Has anyone been able to get approval to fly in Class D airspace by calling the tower or are they making you get a waiver now. It sucks since the waivers take month's to even hear about. I am licensed Commercial UAS pilot but I cant seem to find a recent success story.
  3. B

    107.41 Waiver for Class D

    Hi guys, I am looking into trying to get permission to fly in my local Class D airspace. I have read a lot about the distinctions between the waiver and authorization and think a waiver would be the best way to do it. My main questions are, if I want to be able to do real estate video and...
  4. Griffin D

    Class D Certificate of Authorization - Approved!

    Last month, I filled out a COA to fly in Class D airspace. I was very specific with where my flight activity would be, and I made sure to explain my safety mitigation plan. I also went into detail about how I will follow the Performance Based Standards. Yesterday a representative from the FAA...