1. M great accessories for your Phantom

    Just recived my and I'm very Satified with their products. I purchased the gimbal guard bundle with lots of accessories like leg extenders, controller yaw stabilizer, carbon fiber gimbalguard, lens hood/cover, gimbal clamp (big), button raiser for camera/video(works...
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    Unable to resolve gimbal issues

    Hi I had an issue with my gimbal...My vision 2+ when i load up does this... Dropbox - 2015-12-20 And then i get an error message on my smart phone that says "removal gimbal clamp" when removed.. It tried to repair it by by taking out the back plate and then correct the Any...
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    Gimble error message

    Hi when i start up my phantom two the the light start flashing yellow and on my app it says Remove Gimbal Clamp" message on the iPhone. The gimbal will not respond to any commands or change in copter pitch, roll, or yaw nor in the FOV mov. Has anyone has similar problems and knows a solution