1. N

    Help: Low Video Quality Suddenly

    Hello! I need some help with my Phantom 3 Standard. I've had it for 6 months from new with no problems, then suddenly the video quality reduced dramatically. I have two examples for reference (though keeping in mind vimeo knocked the quality down): Normal video quality: Recent video quality...
  2. G

    Dji Phantom 4 Video Choppy on Playback but not in Live View.

    Hey everyone. I recently bought a Phantom 4 Pro and have had this problem while panning during videos and other motions. No matter what settings I change or what I play it back with it is always choppy. I'm using the Lexar UHS-I 16gb card that came with it with the correct double shutter speed...
  3. belmontncguy

    High amount of choppy video transmission on ipad air

    Hi, I have had my PS3 Professional drone less than a year and have really enjoyed it but recently my video transmissions have become choppy on my ipad air. I haven't changed any settings and have performed all updates. It really became choppy when I was only 750-1000 feet out. Anybody have...
  4. S

    Choppy video

    Only had my ps3 for 2 days now and only flown it a handful of times. I checked the photo and video settings and nothing seems out of the ordinary, but the video is very choppy whenever I do any kind of turning, no matter how slow I try to go. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. patchmanimal

    My Facebook Live stream looks terrible, how about yours?

    Hey, guys. I wanted to know if anyone else has tried the Facebook Live feature and how it looked for you. I tried it for the first time tonight and the results were pretty bad. Feed was real choppy and image quality was terrible. Drone was at varying distances from me and that didn't seem to...
  6. tboarder

    Choppy footage. Any suggestions? DJI 3 Adv.

    Hi all, I'm a new owner of a Phantom 3 Advance and took it for a quick test filming the night after purchasing. The image quality I'm getting is terrible due to two main factors: Choppy/staggering footage Motion blur The second point should be just down to the shutter speed, which I will look...