1. N

    Experiences with flying drones in China

    Hi. Im going to be flying a DJI Spark in China in few days. (I noticed that there’s a separate forum for spark users but ignore that part for now) Has anyone had any experience of bringing a drone to china? Such as airport security
  2. R

    spare parts from china

    anybody got experience buying cheap P4P parts off eBay from china? I'm looking for gimbal flex cables and motors.
  3. Xiaolu Chu

    Rough Roads to Tibet

    My road trip to Tibet with DJI Inspire1, Phantom4A and Suzuki Jimny. Hope you enjoy!
  4. L

    First drone video

    On a recent trip, I saw China and fell in love with Yunnan Province. My wife and I had no idea how to get around so we took each day as it came. We ended up on some pretty long hikes and bus rides, but it all was worth it. Tell me if you know some of the locations I'll be editing a few more...
  5. Tomas Juricek

    Bringing my drone to China - Zhangjiajie

    Hello there, I just want to share my experience with bringing my drone to China on Oct. 1st, 2017. Flying from Taipei International Airport was smooth, my P4P was with me as a carry-on luggage. Upon landing in China, customs officers denied me to bring the drone in the country and requested me...
  6. M

    Hong Kong flying/location tips? rooftop/park access?

    I'm heading off to Hong Kong in a few days with my phantom 4 and I'm planning on going to a few of the islands, some hills and monuments, and the general cities. I know from experience that it's tough to take off in cities usually given the amount of people around so if anyone knows of anywhere...
  7. AdamDomenico

    Video of where I live in China.

  8. bernek

    Bought a FC200 China gimbal from ebay and need some help

    Hello guys, I've bought this specific gimbal from ebay: DJI Phantom 2 Vision FC200 gopro 3/4 2-axis Brushless Gimbal FPV Ready for use It is a China gimbal made specially for P2V egg camera. I'm soon going on vacation and believed its a nice upgrade for my aerial recordings (family type)...
  9. M

    Has anybody here had luck flying around Beijing or Shanghai?

    I was researching the laws in China regarding UAVs and it seems pretty relaxed. I do not want to fly in the city but I would love to fly near the great wall of china and in some gardens and other areas free from too many people. I am American if that makes any difference.
  10. Practicalperfection

    First ND filter & D-Log flight and edit.

    HI Guys, I have had my Phantom 4 for a couple of months now and just got the ND filters 8 & 4 from DJI. This is the first flight using both together and recording D-log. Edited quickly on Final Cut. I would love feedback on the exposure, saturation, settings used & smoothness of video etc. I...
  11. Mario_SB

    MADE IN CHINA.... thoughts?

    The other day I wanted to place a small American flag sticker on my P3P and then realized, wait... this thing is made in China and I have to admit it made me a little sad. Of course a good thing to note is that a lot of this technology comes from American innovations such as GPS but still...
  12. tboarder

    Tai Po Waterfront - Fly-by with a Phantom III Advanced

    For my fourth flight of the DJI Phantom III Advanced, I took it down to the Tai Po Waterfront Park in Hong Kong at 6:00 in the morning to see what I could capture. Among the 60+ crowd doing Tai Chi, yoga and dancing exercises to repetitive music tracks I set the buzzing filming platform up into...