1. TAPP Channel

    Chicago Filmed With My Phantom4Pro... Check This Out

    I was collecting this footages for the 4months during this summer time... Check this out and tell me what do you think...
  2. TAPP Channel

    Chicago Downtown Captured With Phantom 4

    Here is the link to that 4k video Lately DJI is giving me a hard time... Anyone is dealing with that unfixed firmware for P4s???
  3. S

    Flying in Chicago - What are the regulations?

    I live less than 3 hours away from Chicago. I like to take the train there every couple months to have some fun but haven't felt comfortable bringing my Phantom 4 Pro out there because I don't know how officials or people out in the public will react. Some places I like to visit are Navy Pier...
  4. M

    Car Show With Several Exotic Sports Cars

  5. voyageraero

    Downtown Chicago from Northerly Island

    Got this really pretty shot of downtown Chicago after work yesterday. Hiked out to Northerly Island past the planetarium, after waiting for the TFR surrounding the White Sox/Tigers game to lift (Sox won 11-2). I love how the American flag in the bottom left pops out. Let me know what you think...
  6. That Cicero Guy

    Hello from Chicago; new P4 Pro owner saying hello!

    Good morning/afternoon everyone, My name is Mike and I live in the Chicago area. I'm a video conferencing engineer and all around IT guy. I'm currently studying for my Part 107 certification. I purchased a Phantom 4 Pro and iPad Pro in hopes of using it as a tool for my YouTube music and...
  7. N

    How to do this legally under part 107?

    I have an idea for my dream shot. I am currently studying for my part 107 and scouting for the juiciest air-lines I can find in my city. I live in Chicago and I know there are local ordinances to worry about but my information on them is quite vague (and they seem to be issued with no logic)...
  8. R

    Chicago Ordinance Still A Bit Vague....?

    Hey everyone. New member here and relatively new drone owner / operator. If interested in what I pulled for any laws or ordinances, see attached files. Appears to still be a bit vague. I called information at 311 and was transferred to the police at KORD. Neither contact had any information...
  9. chapsrlz

    ok to fly in chicago?

    next saturday im travelling to chicago, ill be running the marathon on sunday, and im planning to spend a week and im thinking in traveling with a p3 or a 5d mark iii (not both). so the million dolar question, is chicago drone friendly? i would love to fly over millenium park or the city, is...