1. CrazyEye

    Compilation of April flights In Las Vegas and a little of Arizona

    Hello everyone, I took into consideration of the constructive criticism from my last post and saved up some of my footage for a more "saturated" content video. I also started using Final Cut Pro X with what I believe to be very good results for never using a video editor on the Mac platform...
  2. Phillip White

    New Pilot just saying hello..

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and hope to learn a lot from those veteran pilots out there! I'm flying a P2 with 3D gimble. Threw together a video of my first flight! The edit was sloppy but still learning. :)
  3. ChrisMorrisism

    Remley Point - Charleston, South Carolina

    Aerial video of Remley Point in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina with views of the Ravenel Bridge. Shot using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.
  4. S

    Charleston SC Video from Phantom 3

    I took this while visiting in Charleston this summer. Good times!