charging mode

  1. E

    SOLVED Battery not charging - Custom USB Connector mod ! Bypass micro usb port + always have charger

    Hey guys, I recently did a we bit of modding to my P3S and added some pigtails to sma connectors to play with the antennas a bit and preparing to get fpvlr or dbs mod after reading some more reviews. OR getting a ibecrazy crosshair style antenna which looks awesome stat wise foe 49 bucks in...
  2. Bateman233

    Battery not blinking when charging

    I have a P3 Professional and have charged the batteries maybe 15 times. Today when I plugged one in it didn't light up at all. The other one still turns on when plugged in and does the green light flashing showing how much has charged. Anyone else having this issue with a battery?
  3. J

    GoPro not working after update on Zenmuze H3-3D

    GoPro not working after update on Zenmuze H3-3D I was having some strange recording issues with my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver so I updated it to the latest firmware version that came out in the beginning of September (v3.02). After this the GoPro, while connected to the gimbal with the USB cable...