cell failure

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    Intermittent Battery Cell Error

    I have a Phantom 4, just the original not the advanced or pro I also have an iPhone 5s with ios 11 on it. (thought it would be worth mentioning in case this is the issue as I suspect.) Last night I put my battery on charge and it triggered overcharge protection so I took it off and put it in...
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    Advanced Phantom 3 advanced down - battery issue or operator error?

    Hi, My ph3a has crarashed, I manually took it up and everything was normal during almost whole flight. No wind, no obstacles between me and a aircraft, original brand new battery (only 5 charging cycles 100% health) I decided to land at 25% battery, First time "rc signal lost" status was at...
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    I bought a Phantom 3 Pro about 30 to 45 days ago. I bought it with an extra battery. Almost immediately, I had a problem and could not update the firmware, because 1 of the batteries was damaged. No problem and quick exchange and back to having 2 batteries. Yesterday another battery failed...