ce to fcc hack

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    P3 SE - solution to switching between FCC and CE mode, I used both, and it works for sure!

    Let me start the long story short... The P3SE's, depends on where did you buy it from, can have 2 factory settings, the FCC and the CE by default. The range of this bird in CE mode is around 5-600m (not urban area obviously). FCC mode takes you 2-3km away, depends on... I was 2km away with...
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    All together lets send an email..

    Every ce user has worst signal than fcc users and we are looking ways to make it better. Like installing antennas (safer way) or hack the rc and drone to force system to fcc mode (dangerous way). Okay we installed the antenna but system can give you more if fcc mode is on but hacking the unit...