1. B

    Like New Lykus Backpack for Phantom 4/3/2 for sale

    Used only once with P4. Then I got the smaller Mavic. This is a great backpack that can fit all P4 necessities. Here's the link I bought at Amazon...
  2. D

    Koozam Extra Light Soft Shell Backpack

    SOLD! Koozam Extra Light Soft Shell Backpack for DJI Phantom Quadcopters-Fits any DJI Phantom quadcopter: Phantom 1, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision+, and Phantom 3 models The Extra Light Soft Shell Backpack for DJI Phantom Quadcopters from Koozam features a weather-resistant...
  3. UrbanVoyager

    Cases That Fit The Phantom 4 Pro Plus Transmitter w/Screen

    I am thinking about upgraded the the Phantom 4 Pro Plus and haven't found any backpacks or cases that say they are compatible. Has anyone found anything that works yet?
  4. D

    A carrying back like this one Does anybody know if something similar to this exists anywhere? Maybe with some nicer colors? I am currently sporting the Amazon basics bag but I'm just so leery of my P4 being in it for transport. Plus I really like the...
  5. P


    Hey guys, I recently went to best buy and bought a lowe pro carrying case for my drone and remote. Love the case and everything was setup like i want it. My issue was that it didn't fit my custom remote that has the range maxx hooked up to it. I don't want a case that requires me to dismount...
  6. nunes18

    Recommendations - Case for Phantom 3 Standard

    I will be traveling (flying) later this month and want to bring my Drone - P3S. I currently keep my drone in its original box but need something that will protect it better. Doesn't have to be a hard case. I will consider a "backpack" style case/holder. Not looking to spend too much as I don't...