case p4

  1. P


    Hey guys, I recently went to best buy and bought a lowe pro carrying case for my drone and remote. Love the case and everything was setup like i want it. My issue was that it didn't fit my custom remote that has the range maxx hooked up to it. I don't want a case that requires me to dismount...
  2. I

    Airplane travel for P4

    So I am about to purchase a P4 and I think that I want to be able to take it on a Airplane. What do you guys use to carry it? Is the included styrofoam case good enough? or do I need to buy a backpack? also do you guys check your drone or take it as a carry on? Thanks All.
  3. Sim597

    The DBS antenna fits in case

    If you've got a P4 and don't have a real Case yet. Here's a pic, fits perfectly without having to take bracket off the antenna. (Still have to take the bracket and antenna off the remote) Tried a bunch of ways and things, this was seems to be the best, just put it on the right side as shown...