1. OOO

    I Can Fly

    It was fun to hike, climb and film. I hope you enjoy it. Please watch in 4K.
  2. OOO

    Drone Art

    Hi everyone, The video was shot in ATTI mode (no GPS signal). As most of you know it is very difficult to keep the drone stable while flying slowly, even in regular P mode. In ATTI mode, it is extremely difficult to do that. But I had to fly very slowly in order to get sharp footage for the...
  3. OOO

    Game of Drones

    This area truly is beautiful in the winter with the snow. Sadly, as of today, it is all melted away. I hope you enjoy it! * P4P * Recorded at 4K@60 fps * Uploaded at 4K@30 fps * No ND filter * ISO 100 * D-Cinelike * FCPX
  4. OOO

    The Edge

    Hi, This place is like a heaven for a person who loves cliffs, streams, waterfalls, canyons and mountains. I hope you like it.
  5. OOO

    The Descent

    It was very difficult to control the drone in these cave-like rocky formations (in ATTI mode). For better quality, please watch it in 4K (60 fps). Thanks in advance for the comments.
  6. OOO

    ATTI mode practice!

    Most of the this video was shot in ATTI mode. It was very hard to control the drone.
  7. OOO

    A Lonely Planet

    Hi I love canyons just as much as I love mountains. They are beautiful this time of year. I shot this video yesterday. While watching the footage at home I noticed something very strange in the footage. Thanks in advance for the comments!
  8. From the Wedge Overlook, San Rafael River, Utah

    From the Wedge Overlook, San Rafael River, Utah

  9. Grand Canyon of the San Rafael River, Utah

    Grand Canyon of the San Rafael River, Utah

    at the Wedge Overlook, San Rafael Swell
  10. Thimble Peak and Unaweep Canyon

    Thimble Peak and Unaweep Canyon

  11. flyingicarus

    My Flight Through the Red Canyon, Utah

    This is from my trip to Wyoming and Utah. I had been to the Red Canyon before, which is in the Flaming Gorge area in both states, and once I got my phantom I knew I had to fly it here. I chose two areas to fly around, one nice open area right before the canyon and the best part of the canyon...
  12. OOO

    Canyon Video

    This canyon is located in Western Black Sea region of Turkey. Filmed with P4P. I'm relatively new to drone flying and videography. As a colorblind person I would really appreciate if you let me know your opinion about colors. Thanks
  13. OOO

    First video with P4P

    Hi, This is my first video with replaced P4P. I have color blindness. How can I improve video quality? Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks
  14. SoCalDude

    Red Rock Canyon (Mojave Desert, California)

    Flying my Phantom above the cliffs at Red Rock Canyon State Park in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Captured by my DJI Phantom 4 in 4K resolution on December 18, 2016 My other videos are at the following link:
  15. Tarzan!

    American Fork Canyon, UT

    This was the second day of my flying my P4 (or any drone for that matter), so we didn't get as much footage as I hoped. We were able to throw in some great shots though mixed with our GoPro footage. On my way home I played with the active track mode when I was riding in Moab, so hopefully once I...
  16. phxbird57

    Parker Canyon Arizona

  17. Cakrawalens

    Brown Canyon - Semarang, Indonesia

    A video about a man made canyon near my house, please enjoy! oh this video is my first video so any critic or suggestion is appreciated :D taken with P3A
  18. MarkT

    First flights over waterfall

    I have seen similar posts about first flights, decided to post my own. Was nervous because the bottom of the dam was below the home point and the canyon is full of low hanging branches. All said and done, it made me a more deliberate, conscientious pilot.
  19. gringorio

    Mountain/Canyon flying ...

    Most of my P3P flights have been in relative flat-lands. Recently, however, I've been having a blast flying near Tucson in the local mountains and canyons. I love to fly backwards, in ATTI mode or GPS in order to capture the water-way and rock-fall of the canyons... No matter the details, I...
  20. 0

    Follow Me Mode Through Canyon / Top of Mountain

    Tested out the new Follow me Mode in a Canyon today, it did pretty decent near the top of the Mountain, but through the canyon itself I only had a few spots where I actually got enough gps signal to use this Feature. 0:09-0:18 of Video- No Following, just showing you the road I was testing on...