1. JxBx80

    TreeHouse Camping - Drone Video

    This is a local campground here in North Florida which features Tree houses you can reserve for camping. We went camping with some friends here a couple years ago and had a blast. I decided to come back and do a featured video. On my Litchi mission, I told it to go down to 5 ft (5ft above...
  2. wphillips4947

    Exploring Moab Utah, Spring 2016

    Comments and criticism welcome!
  3. glympsefromabove

    Charging P3 Batteries in the middle of nowhere

    I'm planning a backpacking and camping trip in a remote valley on the Big Island of Hawaii. The views are going to be so epic, but I'm looking for ways to charge my P3 batteries after flying. Does anyone have any suggestions? After doing some research, it seems like solar panels are an option...
  4. grenville

    Camping in Gloucestershire

    I run a small campsite just North of Gloucester. Its called Court Farm. Being a Phantom owner myself and living close to the Forest Of Dean and River Severn and Wye Valley, I wondered whether other Phantom flyers might like to bring their tent and camp here to Court Farm during the summer and...