Feb 9, 2016
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I run a small campsite just North of Gloucester. Its called Court Farm. Being a Phantom owner myself and living close to the Forest Of Dean and River Severn and Wye Valley, I wondered whether other Phantom flyers might like to bring their tent and camp here to Court Farm during the summer and drive short distances to flying sites. Even though the farm is no longer a working farm and we've got loads of space, sadly due to us only being 2 1/2 miles from the airport, we cant fly here. But there's loads of places locally where we can so long as those places are beyond the 5 miles restriction. Non of us want to bring down a plane do we and fuel the controversy relating to drones. If anything we need to generate support for our hobby and show people how responsible we are. Perhaps if we can get enough flyers here in one go, we could even generate good publicity for the DJI Phantom and owners . Who knows where that could lead us.
Our site is easy to find, alongside the A38 in Twigworth. Its flat and level grass, we've got showers and loos and are behind a key pad operated gate for security. Just down the road we've got an essential pub or two, both of them do great food. If you dont want to drive once here we've got bus stops right outside the gates.
If any one is interested in this thought of mine, ive put a link to a campsite finder, you can then go through the motions of booking via the web site and come on down. The owner of the web site has given me FREE web space for a while. So just to prove to him that his kind offer was worth it, would you please enquire to me via the web site only. Just click the link below and fill in the enquiry form.

Thank everyone
John (Django2)

Court Farm in Gloucester, Gloucestershire |
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