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  1. M

    Ways to improve exposure with fireworks at night; see video and in-depth explanation below

    Hi All, Last 4th of July I shot a nighttime fireworks video (with tons of planning, test flights, settings tests, etc.). I'm happy with the results but wondering if I could have done anything different to pull more light out of the shot without compromising the quality. Below are the settings I...
  2. baddogtwo

    Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 camera settings walkthru question/frustrations

    Hello All, I am fairly new to the Phantom 4 series. I acquired a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, about 5 months ago. I have been using it primarily for mapping/orthomosaic & large scale commercial real estate jobs. It is a work horse and can tough out 35 mph gust with ease. Yes it is bulky to lug around...
  3. A

    Standard Video quality

    Hi guys, New here, I'm looking to find out why my video quality is not as good as other p3s video's I've seen uploaded. I'm trying to use 2.7k at 25fps for my video's. I've seen other people post 2.7k 25fps clips and they seem to run much smoother. It's almost like the fps on mine is lower...
  4. Kristina Fowler

    P4P Camera Style Settings that replicate D-Log

    I love using D-Log color, but I don't like the fact that it's locked at ISO 500. I want to do a workaround and use the "Normal" color at ISO 100 in combination with a CUSTOM STYLE that replicates the D-Log color setting. What are the best settings (Sharpness, Contrast, and Saturation) to create...
  5. Keith Mitchell

    Help me improve my video quality!

    OK, I'm just going to upload this extremely humble, unedited video and ask for guidance. I know that it will help me to learn, and maybe a few others will learn too. I'm going to start doing real estate videos soon (got my Part 107) and trying to experiment to learn the best settings, but it's...
  6. bobomet

    Phantom 3 Pro Photos In 960X540 - Can't Find Settings To Change It

    I did a shoot yesterday, and on going through all the photos I'm seeing they are all in 960x540 RAW. I want to shoot RAW, but I want to kick the resolution up. Where did DJI hide the settings for resolution? Thanks for any help on this .... as I am scratching hair out by now .... Bob
  7. T

    Camera Setting Help

    Hi fellow enthusiasts!! Recently upgraded from a Bebop 1 to a P4P. I'm still quite inexperienced and although I can fly the bird and get some nice Moving shots I'm struggling a bit with focusing and camera settings. Wondering if anyone could help explain the ISO and all the finer details. 9...
  8. furthertofly

    HDR workflow on the P4 Pro

    Redrocks and More.... | DJI Phantom Drone Forum Most of the above shot with 3 frames at 2 EV intervals, exposures changed manually which takes a bit less than ten seconds. Camera in Truecolor, aperture priority, 200 iso, auto white balance, neutral sharpening/contrast/brightness. DNG files are...
  9. Don Holmes

    Trying out the camera setting for night shots

    I have received my Part 107 and decided to try some night flights. I played around with the settings to the point where I was starting to get the "streaming tail lights" effects I was looking for. Not enough traffic for what I wanted, but I did manage to get a good shot or two, and posting some...
  10. J


  11. S

    Best Sunrise/Sunset camera settings?

    Has anyone had any luck getting really smooth video timelapses of sunrise/sunset videos with their P4P? I'd like to run manual mode, but not sure where the "sweet spot" is exposure wise. Below are a couple of captures I got recently. They're both sped up for the sake of time, but you can get...
  12. B

    Attempting to duplicate "Vivid" color setting

    I think it definitely comes close, possibly spot on: "AgateB" color setting, +2 Sharpness, +1 Contrast, +0 Saturation. (Adjustable "style" values are from -3 to +3 in whole number increments.) Recorded in 1080P at 60 fps, editing done with Filmora video editor.
  13. B

    Confused over camera settings (P3A)

    I am trying to figure out how to change the VIDEO ISO and shutter speed settings on my P3A. When in video mode, I can change framerates and resolution, but can't figure out how to change ISO and Shutter speed. I can see those settings for still pictures, but not video. Does adjusting the still...
  14. V

    Video is choppy/stuttering - do I need to change settings on Phantom?

    Hello. I've noticed that when I'm shooting video it becomes choppy or stutters at times - WHY? Are there ideal camera setting that I need? If yes - how do I change them? Also, is there a particular video player preferred for play back? Thanks.
  15. Hottwheells

    Real estate for rookies

    Going on day 2 of owning a quad and already I've had a job offer from a real estate guy. I'm just wondering if there are any quick tips from members doing this sort of thing. Keeping in mind I'm a rookie flyer and very amateur photographer. I'm not looking for legal info, strictly camera/quad...