camera angle

  1. C

    Phantom 4 gimbal problem in flight

    I have a Phantom 4 which had gimbal damage awhile back and ended up having the roll motor replaced. Since then I have a couple of symptoms that I can't get to the bottom of. On startup I need to hold the camera in position until it starts moving around or often it will end up hanging limp...
  2. P

    Camera hangs at angle, rights itself after time

    Had a crash (my nephew, bless him). Fixed cable with OEM part. Drone flies and sends camera feed. Up and down camera movement are fine. But when I first turn it on, the camera hangs at a funny angle with one side dipped down. If I leave it on the counter for a few minutes, it gets back to level...
  3. M

    Camera angle in DJI GO App

    Hi, I'm flying a Phantom 3 standard with the DJI GO App. The gimbal of the Phantom 3 can tilt the camera across a 120° range (see attached sketch image). Unfortunately, the app shows the tilt motion of the camera without any degree units along the scale (see attached screenshot), and the scale...
  4. professorpg

    P4 camera wanders all up or creeps down

    for some reason my P4 will migrate to the all up or all down when I move it with the wheel.
  5. P

    Phantom 4 Pro camera no Tilt Function

    I experienced something strange, flying with Phantom 4 Pro, got message on iPad Air 2 that it is going to shut down because of heat, and it shut down. I returned the bird and land. after a while when the iPad cooled down wanted to fly again but camera was not initializing properly and had no...
  6. flyboy73

    Raising the camera angle above horizontal

    I have a P3P which I would like to use for photographing some of the awesome thunderstorm buildups here in southwest Florida (from a safe distance). I know there is supposed to be a way to get the camera to pan up to 30 degrees above horizontal, but I can't seem to find that option in my menu. I...