1. EpsonMoverio

    MOVERIO FPV Glasses Features & Tutorial

    The perfect complement to your DJI™ drone, Moverio BT-300FPV smart glasses redefine First-person View (FPV), with a transparent display that makes it easy to view your drone’s video feed and key flight statistics, while keeping the aircraft in sight. Maintain a clear line of sight — transparent...
  2. T

    Epson BT-200 with new HDMI unit or wait for Epson-BT300?

    Hello! (**NOTE** I do not work for DJI or EPSON or receive any type of compensation from them) I've been using the Epson BT-200 Glasses with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision for a couple of years. If you want a great FPV experience (and still be able to actually see your drone) these are really...