broken gimbal

  1. FlashBuddy

    DroneFly Returning Unscratched Camera - Is There a Market?

    My previously crashed P4 is on its way back from DroneFly. They repaired the entire camera/gimbal and explained DJI doesn't make parts available, only whole units. ERGO cost $799.00! OUCH!!! Seems like such a waste. Broken gimbal arm and two torn ribbon cables; camera itself is unscratched. Is...
  2. Yorb

    P3S broken gimbal; RMA or DIY?

    After talking to DJI service and syncing my flight data, they "recommend" sending my Phantom 3 Standard in for diagnosis and repair. I don't know if it will be under warranty, and they couldn't give me any kind of estimate on time or cost. So I'm wondering: Should I take a gamble sending it in...
  3. P

    Defective Gimbal HELP!!!

    Hi all, just want to inquire what would be the possible cause Of the problem of my p3s gimbal or if you have any suggestion for me to fully use my p3s. 1. gimbal overload 2. It doesn't do the gimbal dance from the start. =( Drone are working well and i can connect to dji go app and able to...
  4. F

    Phantom 3 Standard Dropped Out of Sky - Help!

    Hey folks! Somewhat recent to the drone hobby, but really enjoying it! Right up until tonight at least. I was flying my Phantom 3 Standard just out the front of my house, sitting at around 11 meters high. I was in P-GPS mode, 71% battery (I double tapped it into place, just to be sure), fully...
  5. A

    My gimbal is not working! Please help!

    I crashed my drone and the gimbal broke please help
  6. G

    Broken gimbal+camera, need advice!

    Hi! I'm a real newbie in the drone world, so bear with me on this :) I recently bought the Phantom 3 Advanced, and I loved it! The most fun I’ve had I years. Unfortunately I had a little mishap with a Tree. So now my gimbal is broken (it actually is I a couple of parts with a lot of broken...
  7. J

    Phantom 3 pro - camera is fine but gimbal is not working

    Hello, I've recently managed to crash my Phantom 3 pro. I changed the yaw arm and also the flex cable, now the camera is working just fine, also the phantom itself is working (GPS, Take-off, etc.) but I can't move with the camera - the stabilisation is not working at all. Is there any way to...
  8. blgli

    Broken P3S Gimbal/Camera (Only 1 Flight)

    Bought a brand new Phantom 3 Standard. Wasn't even 15 minutes into my first flight with it and was bringing the drone down when I clipped a branch 3-4 feet above the ground and this was the carnage. Drone and camera landed on grass thank god so as far as I can tell the only broken pieces are the...
  9. D

    Looking to buy a Yaw Arm for the Phantom 3 Pro

    Wondering if anyone in this group happens to have a broken gimbal mount that still has a good Yaw Arm on it, mine cracked and I would like to buy that and not an entire set. Please let me know if anyone has a broken gimbal that they would be willing to sell the Yaw Arm from it. Thanks