1. S

    One of my propellers won't work anymore and I do not know what to do,

    I bought propeller guards for my drone and unscrew the bottom screws where I'm suppose to put in the guards. I only got to one propeller before taking it off and putting the screws back on and now when I turn on to fly it, the one propeller that I screwed with does not work. I tried tightening...
  2. Sevyn13

    Camera Gimbal Repair

    So this happened. When I get the new part in does anyone know how that ring goes on? It looks like it had glue applied and then pressed on, hard to tell. Anyone had to do this repair yet? Also the camera housing got banged up a little. Anyone know where I can get just the housing or if...
  3. D

    Crashed My Phantom PS3 - How Can I Fix it Myself (PICS)

    I crashed my Phantom PS3 and now the part that connects the gimbal to the QC is broken and some wires were disconnected. I would like to fix this my self if possible. Please point me in the right direction to do this guys. I have attached pictures of what it looks like.
  4. Ninkasi

    "Limp Gimbal" Motors Are Not Getting Power BUT Camera Works

    Looking for some help with my phantom 4 after a mild crash (hit a tv inside a house). The drone was "non responsive" after the crash and required firmware updates to the drone and RC to get it back working. Now that everything is back up and running, the gimbal is "limp" ; by this I mean you can...
  5. R

    Battery damaged in crash,

    Hello Everyone. I had the miss fortune of running into a tree at 128 feet. I had prop guards on and wasn't going very fast. Was just doing a slow pan of a castle and hit a tree limb. The thing was, I lost all control and it fell to the ground with a thud,, In the grass. I thought no big deal ...