blank screen

  1. T

    No Video On Screen After Crash, Red Light on RC

    Hi Folks First post after reading through the site, tearing my hair out and stripping the gimbal for 14 hours. Long story short I am an idiot and clipped a tree branch and it tumbled like a stone about 30 feet at 9.8m per second into the hard grassy ground. So I got it home and started to take...
  2. jp_flkeys

    P3P Screen Viewing Problems

    Hope someone can help me with this. I've had my P3P for almost a year now & it has been working flawlessly. Just for the record I've never crashed it, its never been dropped, its in a protective case always when not in the air, & I flew it 3 days in a row no problem taking photos & yesterday...
  3. T

    HD Live View not working (Phantom 3)

    Wonder if anyone has a solution to a problem I am having with a newly purchased P3. My screen does not display video from the drone camera. The camera does work, I can record video and take pictures to be viewed on my computer from the SD card. Whether I use an iPad or iPhone, the Go app does...