1. Henrik Olsen

    Most common Drone Pilot mistakes

    This is our countdown of the most common drone pilot mistakes. If you as a new pilot avoid these, you have a good chance of saving your bird :-) Have you crashed your Phantom and why?
  2. E

    UAV Forecast Website

    UAV Forecast Found this website that helps pilots know when a good time to fly is and thought it would be a good idea to share here.
  3. Etop

    First flight good except....

    Had a good 1st flight. Three things - RTH was about 30 ft away from takeoff after calibration. In an open field, getting the Electrical interference warning constantly. Could not switch between taking pictures to video. All this done in Beginner mode. Any ideas. Also when connecting my cable...
  4. Q

    Any S.E. Wisconsin P3 pilots available to train? Nepal Project

    Any RC Drone fliers out there flying Phantom 3's? Wanna save a region's economy? Working an outreach project on the other side of the world from Wisconsin. American team heading to Nepal to map a potentially hazardous lake ready to flood a region if a glacier "plug" lets go due to global...