battery signal error

  1. MCHL

    P4P v1 Battery signal error and spaz out

    My P4P is about 2” from the trash and in need of assistance from you experts out there. It’s been through the wars a little. When replacing the shell, I stuffed the motors. So I’ve replaced them as well. Got it back to going fine, or so I thought. Everything shows on screen as perfect -...
  2. N

    P3 Pro Battery Signal Error

    I have a P3 Pro and last week was mapping one of our corn fields with it using the app DroneDeploy. The field is about 150 acres, so I had to use all 3 of my batteries. I went through my first 2 with no problems and then stuck in my 3rd one. It was not working, so I went into the DJI GO app...