battery charging

  1. Skyler King III

    Charging Phantom 4 Pro batteries in the "field"

    Here's my review of the Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC, which is compact, weighs 2 pounds and charges charges the Phantom 4 batteries without a hiccup. This also compares the Sherpa100AC to similar power banks. I was not compensated in any way for this review or posting. The Goal Zero Sherpa 110AC...
  2. zryall3

    Field charging with the YXCo2 multi-charger

    Hello, I could use some help with the math on determining if I can run a particular multi-charger made for three P4P batteries and the controller off of my car cig lighter jack and a 600 watt, heavy duty Bestek inverter. The photo attached shows the charger I use routinely in the house to charge...
  3. K

    Battery intelligent board

    I have battery that dont work. I have opened it an found that it has to be the "charging board" on TOP that is broken. Its an easy Job to put on a New one, but where can i get it?
  4. M

    Phantom 4 battery cooler

    Hello all! First off I'll make this statement, I am making this post in an attempt to help others out that own the Phantom 4 series of DJI quads, I don't make anything from this either it be money or anything else and there is no gain for me in any way except to help others out. I bought my...
  5. AndersE

    Charging batteries out in the field

    I need to charge my batteries out in the field. First I was think about a gasoline generator with a output of 1000w. Those are not that heavy and they offers more than enough with juice. The other solution would be a 12V lithium battery (LiFEPO4) battery with ~60Ah. No need to mess with gas and...
  6. R

    Problems charging batteries with a 300W inverter while travelling

    Hi everyone I am having a 300W DC-AC Power Inverter - 12Vdc - 230Vac - 50Hz. It's not pure sine wave. I remember we were having problems charging P3P batteries, and aborted that one. I now also have the P4's, preparing for a trip to NZ by the end of the month and need to be able to charge these...