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  1. T

    Dji phantom 3 SE battery problem (Pls help ;D)

    Hey folks, I lost my dpi phantom 3 charger on a trip. I didn't want to spend 70$ for a new charger so I decided to buy a car charger (photo). I plugged it in my car but it didn't charge (even when riding). I decided to buy a AC to DC adapter ( picture ) so the car charger could fit in the wall ...
  2. L

    Phantom 3 Pro Battery Charger

    I have two batteries and a remote that will not charge. My drone came direct from DJI about two months ago. It's been about two weeks since I've used the drone and now nothing will charge. I'm wondering if the charger is bad? Is there a way to test the charger to see if it's delivering current...
  3. S

    Custom in-drone Battery Charging Development

    Hi all - new to this thread so apologies in advance for any faux pas. I'm trying to develop a way to charge my Phantom 4 as part of an autonomous basestation similar in concept to the product made by skysense. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this or knows anything about the...
  4. respibob

    $200 OBO Smart Power Charger Phantom 3

    I am selling my Phantom 3 SPC as I have sold my Phantom and have no more use for it. Works like a charm and no damage whatsoever. The SPCp3 is a commercial grade QUAD Charging Station designed and built exclusively for the DJI SMART BATTERY (LiPo) that is used in your Phantom p3. This system is...
  5. J


    Hi guys, I have a phantom 2 which if I click on the red button of the battery all 4 light blink once and turn off. If I click for a while all 4 light blink twice and turn off. I connected it to my charger and the battery is not charging. Any solution? Thanks!
  6. Macfawlty

    Simultaneous battery charging for P3?

    I've seen simultaneous charging units for the Mavic and P4, but not for the P3. Anyone have a source?
  7. Green Phantom

    Battery Charger Review

    Hi everyone When out and about using your drone and you run out of battery, happens to me, and your too skint to buy another battery i purchased this battery charger and ive reviewed it for you all to see the results. Thanks
  8. tml4191

    Phantom 4 Battery MOD + Charger + Batteries for Extended and Long Range Flights

    I haven't used the battery mod for my phantom 4 lately, so I'm considering putting it up for sale. The package comes with an ACCUCELL S60 charger, two multistar batteries, and a DJI Phantom 4/Pro(+)/Advanced battery mod. The battery mod is easy to install since all you have to do is plug it in...
  9. M3aerial

    Multi-battery Charger Getting HOT

    Solved the issue.
  10. S

    DJI phantom store in Kona Hawaii

    Can anyone tell me where in Big Island I can buy AC Adapter charger for my phantom 3? I'll be staying in Kona this week. Please text me at 725-500-9215. Or email me at [email protected], Im flying to Hawaii today and realized that forgot my charger. I would appreciate the assurance. Thanks Carl
  11. S

    Battery Issue: LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for 7 seconds and repeats

    When i plug my battery in directly to the DJI factory charger the only thing that happens is LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for around 7 seconds and the repeats. all day long. what could my issue be? this battery is room temperature and hasnt been flown recently. Also all 3 other batteries I...
  12. SoCalDude

    Charging While Out in the Field

    So, I wanted something more versatile than the DJI car charger to use while driving between drone operation locations. I found this one and it works great! It charges my P4 batteries with no issues and is as fast as if charging at home. It's the Potek 300w Power Inverter, 12V DC to 110V AC car...
  13. gringorio

    P1, P2 etc. Tucson, AZ

    Hey ya'll, Selling a bunch of R/C stuff, including an original P1 and a P2 as well as a couple electric gliders and indoor copters/quadcopters. Make an offer! CL Link: R/C Phantoms 1 & 2, Radian, Calypso, Nano QX