baton rouge

  1. Cellblock776

    Anyone (else) doing Security patrols with sUAV?

    I see a lot of "public safety" agencies adopting UAVs for doing law enforcement and fire scene uses. What I don't see a lot is using them for regular patrols and surveillance in a private security role. I work for the Public Safety (security) department of a large hospital system. Our...
  2. Cellblock776

    Hello from greater Baton Rouge

    Long time reader, (about a year), and new member after procrastinating for quite a while. I work as a Public Safety Officer/Dispatcher (security) for a hospital system in Baton Rouge, La. Last year our new Director of Public Safety decided to begin a sUAS program. Since I'm pretty much the...
  3. FunN4lo

    Dija Lose a P3P at LSU in Baton Rouge?

    Dija lose a P3P at LSU in Baton Rouge? It appears someone didn't heed their low batt warnings, and a P3P just auto landed. Not a scratch on it. There is also no name, phone number, or FAA registration. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Mark your stuff! Not the missing bird, my P4P labels