1. D D S

    Ultimaxx Hardshell Backpack for Mavic 2

    Ultimaxx Hardshell Backpack for Mavic 2 (Fits Smart Controller Or Regular Remote) $39.99 Only Features: Ideal for travel easy to carry, suitable for outdoor activities or home storage. Backpack is equipped with a built-in light-weight aluminum carry handle and comfortable adjustable...
  2. B

    Brand new Phantom backpack with tags - never used

    I have a brand new Ultimaxx Pro Phantom series backpack, complete with Tags. Never used - I ordered it by mistake for a Mavic Pro! I've attached a few photos, but this has never left the house and was only taken out of the back for the photos. Really well made, though and pretty rugged. Clearly...
  3. E

    Bag for Phantom 3 + Clothes

    Don't think this one has been posted (apologies if it has). I'm going on a 2 week trip to Bali, taking my Phantom 3 Adv and clothes and would rather take one big bag that holds the drone and clothes (than two individual ones). Any suggestions?

    Hello! Intro to SCOTTeVEST clothing for drone pilots

    Calling all drone pilots, fpv racers and all-around gear heads! I work for a company called SCOTTeVEST and chatted with the wonderful mods here to get Approved Vendor status and post a intro here. Quick background on what we do: we make clothing for men and women with tons of hidden pockets...
  5. Malakai

    UK Selling Lowepro Droneguard CS 400 Mint Condition £90+shipping (or collect)

    Hi guys and girls, I'm selling my spare lowepro Droneguard CS 400. Its in mint condition. Its actually only been out of the house and into the boot of the car a few times. I use a different carrier to carry my drone in the field. Its a great case, everything fits perfectly and its comfy to wear...
  6. R

    P3 Static Electricity

    hey, I have a Phantom 3 Standard and I am making a DIY backpack with some foam. I noticed when putting the foam in the backpack, it created a little bit of static electricity. Does anyone know if this little bit of static electricity will mess with the internals of the p3? has anyone made a...
  7. K

    Why I Got a DJI Phantom 3 Standard + Details On Extra Accessories.

    I picked up a DJI standard end of November. I recently got back into photography and video and added the DJI to get Aerial visuals. I'm focusing on Travel Photography and Video. I added the P3S to balance out my body of work by adding a different visual perspective. My first travel photo...
  8. cocoamedia

    Anyone have a LowePro DroneGuard CS 400

    I have LowePro bags and cases for all my other camera kit and have always been impressed. I recently bought a P3P and wondered if anyone has one or has experience of, or has seen the CS 400? Thier advetising shots show a 'battery bag', but show it full of tools and a gopro which I though was a...