1. F

    How can I benefit from drones in fields of home security?

    Hello all, I am a software engineering student albeit I have no experience on drones. I was pondering about my detached house's security and I have come up with an idea. I am thinking of a drone that: Stores energy at daytimes by a solar panel. If that energy is insufficient, generates...
  2. New Phantom Owner

    Airmap Autonomous Flight & DJI Connect: Flight Plan Options

    So I now consistantly achieve at least a solid mile range in most conditions with my current mods on my P3S. Working on my Cinematography and flight/shooting techniques, a desire for use of a certain feature has come about. I am seeking information regarding successful autonomous flights...
  3. K

    No, GPS, RTK or ground Telemetry options - Need To Automate

    Hi Phantom Pilots; Here is the project I'm working on - take a drone and use it to do inspections in a metal building, in the mountains and oh by the way we don't want to be in the building when we fly. So Engineering challenges to solve 1) No GPS - Do you know of RTK systems that we could...
  4. FlyingChair

    RFC: Birdhouse - a robotic FPV airport

    Hello PhantomPilots! I could use your feedback on a product I'm developing called "Birdhouse". Its a remote, robotic FPV airport for consumer drones like the Phantom. Prototype stage, but ready to spill the beans: Flying Chair - Introducing Birdhouse Birdhouse installs outside and connects to...
  5. AMAZING autonomous landing from 207m

    AMAZING autonomous landing from 207m

    While filming the balloon, I totally lost all contact with my P4P. Knowing the battery was low it needed to land. Taking off with sticks inner backwards I realize now I didn't set a home point. After having lost all control, Spike (how I named him) was on it's own. He landed on a dime.
  6. Auto Flight

    Auto Flight 2.0 System

    Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Archuleta and I'm the creator of the Auto Flight 2.0 Flight System....please check out our product at: If you have any questions about our new product please message me here on Phantom Pilots and I will get back to you...
  7. M

    WP: Self-Driving Google Car At Fault In Crash

    For the first time, Google admits its autonomous car is at fault in fender-bender Self-Driving Google Car At Fault In Crash Mountain View, California, one of Google's autonomous cars hit a bus. ...Google's self-driving vehicles have been involved in accidents before. However, all of...
  8. M

    Drone for Inventory Conciliation in Warehouse

    Hi, I am currently looking to implement Aerial Drones to perform inventory reconciliation with my company WMS. The drone would have to perform an indoor fly route; or to be controlled by a computer or application performing a fly path and taking pictures in specific points. The case scenario...
  9. tclark333

    P3 Crash During Litchi Mission (CFIT)

    (I sped up parts of the video, but the crash scene is real-time) Aftermath pic: Amazon Cloud Drive Sad to report, but I had my first crash this morning. I planned a simple mission to a park and back, but things didn't go well. It was supposed to take 8 minutes to go there and back, but after...