1. M

    lost dji phantom and gopro

    lost my dji phantom and gopro in AZ off of US.160 lost signal and think it crashed or auto landed in the canyon here are the cords of where i think in might be or around that area 36°39'10.2"N 110°26'02.0"W was on vacation and could not take the time to hike down and across then back up to the...
  2. J

    arizona's BEST kept secret (baby GRAND CANYON)!

    Up at 4am to capture this, and it was TOTALLY worth it!
  3. B

    Huachuca Mountains. Cochise County, AZ. Looking for honest Feedback.

    This is my second video with my p4p. Im looking for honest feedback and ways to improve my next one. I really tried to focus on keeping my clips short and sweet as the most frequent comment on my last video was that some of them were too long. Thanks.
  4. Clapper

    New Video - Santa Catalina Peaks

    Santa Catalina Peaks - Some scenes shot with Phantom 3 Standard prior to it being lost, the rest with the Mavic Pro, in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson Arizona, Saguaro National Park. Edited with PowerDirector 15.
  5. Danoldo

    Hello to all from Phoenix, Arizona

    Hello to everyone! My name is Brad and am a 33 year old male in Phoenix, AZ. I just purchased my first drone the Phantom 4 Pro + and will be doing a maiden voyage here shortly today. Thanks to all in this forum for any support or information in advance!
  6. Clapper

    Catalina Highway / Mt. Lemmon, near Tucson, Arizona

  7. dougvg

    New P4 Pro river video

    Here's my latest video, using central Arizona's Verde River as the subject. It was in a minor flood stage and provided some great scenes!
  8. J


  9. Cactus Wren

    Horseshoe Bend AZ ... anyone?

    Okay, help me out here, please. I'm planning a road trip out west this coming December and Page, AZ is on my list of places to stop - specifically Horseshoe Bend. (been there a couple of times before, but not with a quadcopter). Horseshoe Bend is not a part of any national park, and I thought it...
  10. Cactus Wren

    Greetings from a complete Noob

    Hi all! Yes, I'm a noobie in every sense of the word - never done RC anything before, so of course I figure I'm prepared for flying a drone ... o_O Actually, I do a lot of photography (landscapes, weddings/events) and decided to add the Ph4 to my arsenal. I expect great things, if not great...
  11. J


    Check it out!
  12. J

    Cathedral Rock (Sedona, AZ)

  13. FlyGary

    Wild Horses in Salt River Arizona

    This started out as Litchi pano mission for sunset and turned into something totally different. A team of wild horses out for an evening splash on the Salt River NE of Phoenix. Altitude was around 50 and they were oblivious to the P4. I wish I could say I had planned this but I didn't know I...
  14. A

    DroneView Tech - Looking for Experienced Pilots in Arizona

    DroneView Technologies does inspection based service work for enterprise clients throughout the nation. We're currently looking for a pilots with experience in Arizona. DroneView does the sales work and logistics so that a pilot can focus on what they're best at.. flying. We ask for a typed...