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  1. T

    Solution to downgrade the vision app to v1.0.56!!

    Hi everyone just follow the steps. 1) Delete the app from iphone. 2) Go to Users/<Username>/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications location on Mac and C:\Users\<Username>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications location on Windows; find the "DJI VISION 1.0.60.ipa" and delete it. 3)...
  2. Bryonheath

    phantom 2 vision gps and batt info problem

    I have a phantom 2 I bought used when I power it on outside with the controller on and my phone connected to it and range extender on in the vision app it shows the sd card the range extender and the video feed but does not show battery life, gps satellites it will let me calabrate the compass...