app crashing

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    I feel like I bought too soon, opinions welcome

    Hey guys... Please help (if possible). I bought a Phantom 3 SE 16 days ago I think (past best buy's return policy, though I'm going to call today anyway and explain why I'm pissed). I've been trying to learn how to use it, and using different apps. However, I keep finding that they won't work or...
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    DJI Go app crashes mid flight

    I had noticed last few times I flew my P3P, within last 2 months, I have the nvida shield tablet,and when i fly, all goes good till up into my flight then suddenly the app is gone, have to reboot the ap, but the previous flight data up to the crash is gone and it will pick up where the bird...
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    Asus Zenpad, DJI Go app crashing

    Hey guys this is my first post here. I recently picked up the P 4.. I love it. I had been using my samsung S7, because my 10.1 Tab 3 wouldn't work for the app. After reading some posts I picked up the 8" Asus Zenpad. I had to download the .apk version of the app because google play said it...