app crash

  1. Newt59

    Multiple Issues, Need Help

    Folks, I went a couple of weeks without flying due to work events. When I went to make my next flight I got stick calibration errors I tried to calibrate, but if I understand it correct, the bar at the bottom should show your progress. It never registers any progress. And I worked it for...
  2. R

    All Apps Crash During Mission

    I'm flying a P4P using an iPhone 6+ For aerial mapping and so far every app I've tried crashes mid flight. Drone Deploy, litchi, and map pilot. The drone keeps flying and taking photos but I have to restart the apps. Everything is updated so does anyone have any ideas???
  3. F

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro/ App Malfuction

    My drone crashed in the water after my App crashed. DJI just wants to give me 15% off a new one instead of replacing it. Has anyone else ran into this kind of issue?
  4. David Cooke

    DJIGO4 v4 . . NOT GOOD!

    Just installed and flew first mission with DJIGO4 v4 . . . NOT GOOD!. Flew 14min photo and video within 500m or so and noticed the live video feed was flickering and blooming irregularly. Did not think too much of it at first but as I dropper down to 75ft AGL about 150m away . . . the screen...