1. Chuck1906

    DJI Announcement coming next month

    Earlier this week I got word of an Announcement by the folks at DJI slated for July 18, 2018 at 10am. I was hoping this was going to be the announcement of the Phantom 5 but many believe it will be the announcement of the Mavic Pro II. What do you think it will be? DJI Teases new Drone "See...
  2. B

    New announcement

    Hi everyone. I was buying p4p 2 month ago but there was some jobs to do. Now i am free to consern with it. But if phantom 5 or something better (below i2) will be announced after about a month i can wait for it. When could it be announced ? Should i wait?
  3. thedjtec

    DJI November 15th Event Announcement Video

    So DJI just updated their home page to include this announcement video titled "Control/Create" Check it out by clicking here! You can also see it on their homepage: DJI - The Future Of Possible It is November 15th at 11:30AM Pacific Standard Time :) What do you all think it is? My bet is a DJI...
  4. Phantomix

    What would you like in the Phantom 4?

    I know everyone is getting super hyped for the phantom 4 release (that will hopefully happen) Phantom 4 possible release But what do you want in the phantom 4? I personally want better build quality, as I have noticed that the build quality is going downhill since they started with the phantom 2...
  5. codygrkman

    Should I wait for after CES to order?

    Hello all, I just cancelled my order on my P3A from DJI. Reason being that I found it on B&H for $200 cheaper. Before I order it (have to wait to get my money transferred back anyway), I was wondering if you guys think it would be worth waiting for the Phantom 4? Is it supposed to be announced...