1. I

    Peace of Mind.. Antenna's Actually Tuned for our Drones

    . ...Most Antenna's on the market have poor Return Loss & VSWR specs and the Tuning varies Wildly, thats why you may find or read about 1 set of antenna working reasonable while the performance of another set by the same mfg is abysmal.. I recently purchased a batch of antennas that while within...
  2. KennethMcNutt

    I made this setup up on the cheap...It was Made to Beat my Stock P3P "P3PKiller ":)

    It is a Highly modded Phantom 3 Standard I call this my P3Pkiller!! Everything But the ArgTek can be bought for less than $100 Happy Flying everyone!! #BoostedP3S
  3. chrislongley

    Basic Amplifier Question

    Just last night I installed an Itelite DBS extender. I managed a short flight earlier today to test it out. I still lose video signal before I lose controller function. If I get an amplifier can I get it to amplify the incoming video signal or only the outgoing control signal?
  4. Argoxp

    Testing my new 2w Amp. (New range personal Record 11,158ft)

    Well Just got home after testing my new amp, that I got on Ebay for 20 bucks, pretty cool gadget for the prices. I got an increase of 1.5km and that with an omnidirectional antenna, for my next try im using a Flat panel antenna an try to get to the 5km mark. Anyway here is the video.