1. AirVūz

    DJI Launches Retail Store in Cali

    This sounds amazing! Check out the latest AirVūz News story about the Launch of the new DJI Retail Store in Costa Mesa, California. To see the full video and more AirVuz News story click here: DJI Launches Retail Store
  2. AirVūz

    Instant Airspace Authorizations

    So.... There is some new NEWS in the Instant Airspace Autorization world. If the FAA has it's way, it could get a lot easier for drones to fly in restricted space. In a federal request, the FAA, says it needs an emergency action, to help process the thousands of requests by drone pilots to fly...
  3. AirVūz

    Drone Delivers Cookies to Famous Chef Andrew Zimmern

    When a world-renown chef and food critic needs a cookie, he gets a cookie. Our story starts at the Minnesota State Fair, where millions gather at the end of every summer for rides, shows, and some of the best ‘fair food’ the world has to offer. Chef Andrew Zimmern has been busy traveling the...
  4. AirVūz

    North Dakota - Silicon Valley of Drones

    AirVūz News made it up to Grand Forks, North Dakota to cover the UTM development work that local companies were collaborating with NASA on, you can find that story HERE. What we ended up learning, aside from the interesting elements of what goes into developing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic...
  5. AirVūz

    Fly Over Salineras de Maras, Peru

    AirVūz Productions stopped by Salineras de Maras during our time in Peru this summer. Check out some of the footage we gathered. Salineras de Maras is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, 40 kilometers north of Cuzco. It's known for its salt evaporation ponds which have been in use since...
  6. AirVūz

    Interview w/ Ronny Brouwers of DroneHeroes

    Here is an episode of The Drone Dish with one of the best drone videographers/photographers in the world - Ronny Brouwers of DroneHeroes. As one of the first Instagram users to upload aerial content, Ronny has made a name for himself as both a curator and creator of high-quality drone...
  7. AirVūz

    Take a tour of Salt Lake City from the Sky

    Take an exciting aerial tour with my friends from Droning America in their latest adventure, as they visit Salt Lake City, Utah from the sky. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  8. AirVūz

    International Drone Day - Vids From Around the World

    With International Drone Day 2017 taking place over the weekend, I wanted to share this really cool reel showing clips of drone videos from EVERY continent on the planet. Check it out here: Happy International Drone Day, 2017
  9. thefrisbee995

    Found The Best Place To Post Your Drone Videos!!

    Somebody suggested on one of my Youtube videos that I should check something called "airvuz" out. I did and I got a good few views in the last 12 hours with it and more comments than I have in months on Youtube. I think everyone here should check it out. You can easily paste your youtube video...
  10. AirVūz

    NYCDFF Recap

    See what it was like at this year's New York City Drone Film Festival in this story: AV News: NYCDFF Arguably the best in the world, we thought it was phenomenal! Anyone been there? Thoughts?
  11. AirVūz

    Want to rent a drone? There's an app for that!

    Seriously?!? An App for renting a drone? I couldn't believe this news story when I came across it, but after watching it I thought it was a pretty cool idea. To find out more check out: AV News: Up Sonder Let me know your thoughts!
  12. AirVūz

    New Canada Drone Laws

    I know there has been discussion the last few couple days about Canada (Transport Canada) coming down with some new drone laws. Here is a story AirVūz did explaining why it will be tougher if you plan to fly there, especially if you are a hobbyist. Here's the full AirVūz News Story: AV News...
  13. Tyler Mason

    Traveling the world with a Phantom

    As I've posted before on this forum, I host an interview-based show on that talks to drone pilots about their work. I recently chatted with Phantom pilot Isaac Simonelli, who has a pretty cool story. He literally has been rolling the dice to determine where he travels next (and...
  14. AirVūz

    Drone Video Sharing and Hosting

    Hi PhantomPilots Members, My name is Jacob and I work with AirVūz. AirVūz is the worlds largest drone videos hosting & sharing website. It's a site for the worldwide drone community to show their amazing flights, races, aerial productions and work. In our first post, I would like to go over...