1. R

    orthomosaic slicing

    Hi, i have a pretty big orthomosaic from an unknown source. Can it be sliced back to get all thoose aerial images which were stiched to create it.
  2. D

    XYZ Point Cloud (Notepad) - Agisoft Photoscan

    Exporting a XYZ notepad from Agisoft Photoscan to ArcGis, does anybody know what field means the Z factor? The table I'm able to export has 9 fields. Field 1 and 2 are the coordinates, but the other I dont really know. tnks
  3. K

    Phantom 4 Pro+ Option For Mapping

    A couple questions about using the Phantom 4 Pro+ for 2d mapping. First off I did not realize that pro+ was limited in app selection for mapping when I bought it. I need advice please! I work in landscape design and we, primarily, work on large country properties. We would like to incorporate...
  4. Stephan

    Litchi Waypoint Tablet/Phone and Android version issues?

    Hi I started off doing an aerial survey and 3D model of a piece of land I own (using Agisoft), which led me to doing missons of around 30 waypoints. This worked well using Go, but when I tried it in Litchi, the app would simply hang without starting the mission. I could do a couple of waypoints...
  5. wdejager

    Using a drone to create a 3D model of an original Dutch windmill

    Last week I have been experimenting with creating 3D models of a building, using photos made with my Phantom 3 Professional in POI intelligent flight mode and a piece of software called Agisoft PhotoScan. I decided to experiment on a traditional Dutch windmill ('Bovenmolen Nieuwe...