1. H

    Cape Town and coastal areas around, South Africa

    Hi all. I am driving to Cape Town in January from Windhoek. Any local advise on where the best/safe/legal sites to fly are? I know I can not fly in parks, near airports, etc. But are there designated sites especially for us? Or the sites I can safely use without bothering anyone/being bothered...
  2. Y

    Hello from the place with lions

    Hi everyone. I am a hobbyist drone user (Being flying for roughly 2 years) and keen photographer who edits videos every now and then. Those video usually end up on YouTube. I live in South Africa which is pretty civilized but at the same time has some beautiful nature. I try to make my videos...
  3. Tyler Mason

    Traveling the world with a Phantom

    As I've posted before on this forum, I host an interview-based show on that talks to drone pilots about their work. I recently chatted with Phantom pilot Isaac Simonelli, who has a pretty cool story. He literally has been rolling the dice to determine where he travels next (and...
  4. DJI Phantom 4 - Cape Town 2016 - YouTube

    DJI Phantom 4 - Cape Town 2016 - YouTube

    Here's a little film I made from my travels to Cape Town over the holidays. All filmed on a DJI Phantom 4 Drone flown by me. I hope you enjoy it. Like, comment & subscribe for more! Music credit to
  5. A

    Phantom4 gps

    Hello there, I'm karim and i have a question focuses on the GPS in phantom4. I would like to buy it but do you think the GPS in phantom 4 will work in africa?, you know i from Togo and i have a GPS in my car in Togo but it doesn't work and i get no map. do someone knows if i can use the phantom...
  6. G

    Used Gopro App to get my 4K video below. Was happy. See my video.