aerial cinematography

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  3. bluewaterpilot

    Hello from St. Clair, Michigan

    Thanks for allowing me to join the conversations happening here. I'm always looking to gain new insights into anything involving drone aircraft. Find out more about me and my business at:
  4. H

    Spectacular sunrise above the Fog

    Yesterday's spectacular sunrise above the fog line looking at Mount Diablo, CA. I zoomed into some of the shots and the P4P remained sharp and performed great in low light.
  5. I

    Phantom 3 Standard Video Editing

    Check out my video:
  6. utcinema

    DJI Phantom 3 Pro Aerial Reel by

  7. Dji Phantom 4 pro ungraded footage sequence - YouTube

    Dji Phantom 4 pro ungraded footage sequence - YouTube

    DJi Phantom 4 Pro, mp4 HD original footage shot in 4k, Aerial Cinematography & Music produced by Ryakin Rip, second week with the dji Phantom 4 pro
  8. M

    ~ AMAZING ICE PATTERNS ~ (Beautiful ice patterns on frozen lake of Velece, Hungary

    Beautiful ice patterns on frozen lake of Velece, Hungary. With a thousand people skating across it. Check out my channel! Similar content on there! Sub 4 Sub?
  9. M

    "Breath Taking Video" of Hungary's Beautiful Capital, Budapest.

    Check out this video ive worked a lot on. Shows the breath taking views from Budapest!!! Shot on a DJI phantom 3 advanced, Check out my channel aswell, Milan Heal A sub for a sub? Enjoy,
  10. We Talk UAV

    Post Production Basics-Lightroom Workflow 101

    Ok, some great videos in this area. Here are some of our secret tips (don't tell anyone, it is a secret.)
  11. G

    Country NSW Phantom Australia 4 Aerial Drone Footage

    short clip I took :)
  12. Skyer

    New Phantom 3 channel teaser

    Hi everyone! Here's a new video I've put together to showcase the collection of short films I've been creating with my P3A. As always, comments, likes, questions and new subscribers are much appreciated!
  13. We Talk UAV

    ND Filter-An Awesome Photography Tool

    Three or four years ago, the drone was mostly thought of as a model plane. Now, it’s considered a full-fledged flying camera. Drones have been a huge boon to the film industry, allowing for incredible shots at vastly reduced costs. Many professional photographers have jumped onto the drone...
  14. Helihover

    Rivers, Trees, and a Peter Gabriel Song

    Oh and a bunch of other stuff too!:)
  15. Helihover

    School Construction in West Linn Oregon

    Filmed today with my Phantom 4. Hope you enjoy!
  16. Spring Island Equestriennes - YouTube

    Spring Island Equestriennes - YouTube

    On December 11, 2015 our Spring Island Equestrian Manager and her daughter did a pas de deux performing the USEF Third Level Test 3. Dressage arena shot with P2V+ drone.
  17. D

    Indonesian Aerial Cinematography Buperta FPV Team