1. frehr

    Lichi AEB specifications and why cant i choose 7 AEBs?

    When trying to AEB'ing a pano I am not able to choose 7 takes. I get the message: "The parameters are invalid - please review and submit the request (code -1005)" 5 bracketed pics are fine. Where can I review and submit Can I somewhere see and fiddle how many stops in the bracketing function?
  2. North45Jw

    P3Pro Camera settings bracketing 3shot/HDR /AEB

    Afternoon - this may be covered somewhere - if so forgive my missing it. When i first got my Phantom3Pro - there was a setting for a '3 shot' that automatically produced 3 different f stop settings - in effect - three different light settings that i could view. Im not a great post production...
  3. T

    Did AEB (and other camera options) go away with the P4 Pro?

    So I don't have any camera options except single shot, in the camera menu, with my app/controller/bird powered on. When I then turn the P4Pro off, I can see all the other options -- Single, multiple, AEB and timed shot. WTH?? Is the only option for AEB on the P4Pro to do it manually, by pushing...
  4. Lgibson100

    Litchi AEB pano

    Can anyone tell me if you can use AEB when shoot in the pano mode in Litchi ? And if so do I need to add a delay between shots ? Thanks
  5. R

    Photo buffering bug found? Can others test please?

    Posted to DJI forum, but no one has attempted to replicate issue yet. Would appreciate others trying please... PROBLEM EXPERIENCE Wasted a whole afternoon shooting a commercial job, high res panoramas (to get big files) of 8 images x 5 AEB (tricky llighting) = 40 frames each panorama...
  6. R

    AEB - cant assign my brackets

    Hey, I bought a P4 for my vacation and I made huge amount of solo pictures and 3/5 brackets. And now I want to edit the brackets but I don't know what the brackets are, if thats a single shot between or a 3 bracket or a 5 bracket shot. Is there a way I can see which ones are the same, but with...
  7. I

    P3S + sandisk extreme pro or sandisk extreme plus 64 GB Micro SDXC?

    I have a Phantom 3 Standard and with the included sandisk ultra micro ssd card, taking bracketed (3) jpg + dng takes about 12-15 seconds to complete a photo. I'd like to take 5-step bracked photos, but it already feels like an eternity waiting for 3 to save. Therefore I'm wanting to get a faster...
  8. B

    AEB Exposure Bracketing Problem

    I am having an issue with the auto exposure bracketing ("AEB") feature. When this is active I indeed get either 3 or 5 bracketed exposures, but the metadata in each file shows the exposure of the normal or base shot. In other words, if ISO 12800; shutter speed 1/60; aperture f/2.8 is the...
  9. tml4191

    Can someone please explain to me the difference of rows/P.P.R in Litchi's Panorama?+ Pano AEB/HDR?

    Can someone please explain how the number of rows and photos per row affect my panorama shot? Also, does litchi's panorama support AEB/HDR shots? I know dronepan does, but I have yet to use it. Does Litchi have a manual aeb/hdr for panoramas?
  10. R

    Single Shot vs HDR vs AEB

    Below are three images shot from my Phantom 3 Standard from a stationary position. You can see a fairly dramatic difference w/ the "aurorahdr" file, which is post-processed with Aurora HDR Pro app using the "Realistic" setting based on AEB raw 5 photos, D-log, and custom style of -2, -3, -2...
  11. 304HighDrone

    P Pointe

    P3P 3 AEB
  12. jephoto

    New location for AEB (Auto Bracket) function?

    First - so I don't get bawled out - I did try to Search for this several ways and places. All I've come up with are links for discussions about how to do this with the older DJI Go or Pilot. I haven't updated my IOS on my iPad Mini 3 to IOS 9 yet. Still holding off on that. Too many people...
  13. dougvg

    Photo modes fail to change occasionally

    Hi all, When I switch from AEB to single shot and vice versa, the mode sometimes fails to change. The RC reacts as though it has changed (5 quick clicks when in AEB, for instance), but the camera only takes a single shot. Also, when I've switched to single shot from AEB, the RC click's once...