1. thefrisbee995

    There's 4 Phantom 3 Models?! What??

    I just found out there is a "phantom 4k" and it's not the same as the phantom 3 pro... How is it I am only just hearing about this? Did they not sell many or what? As far as I can tell, the standard, advance and pro are the main ones I see being sold all over the place. Never seen a 4k for...
  2. P

    Getting my new P3 Advanced Tomorrow...

    So as the thread title suggests I am getting my new P3A tomorrow and I was wondering if you guys could tell me anything cool about the Advanced that I might not already know... Thanks in advanced!
  3. Vince O

    P3S Didn't RTH Right Away After Signal Loss

    Hey guys, thanks for checking this thread out. Here is the video. Any ideas why it took a minute or so to come home?
  4. F

    Can a fly away be recovered?

    Ok so before posting this i went and search in the forum about flyaway.After reading a lot of terrible accident which just scared me even more lol had this question. Let say you are flying with gps and lose gps very far away can you switch over atti and steer it yourself back to safety? Let...
  5. M

    What do you guys think of my phantom 3 advance led mod

    im just curious what you guys think of this led mod i did just finished it yesterday haven't had a chance to see how much battery if sucks up but on long term flights i wont have it plugged in just for parties and other fun events i was testing it and i had a friend drive about a mile away and...
  6. Specialist

    Advance v Pro - Camera Options

    Hi There, i'm looking to purchase a DJI 3 after many weeks of deliberation. I guess my question is ... is the Pro really worth an extra £250 ? It seems quite a lot of money for a faster charger and a 4k camera that only shoots at 30fps. Has anyone compared both camera ? I'll be using the...
  7. L

    Phantom 3 Advance Take off fail

    Hey guys I'm German and i need your help! I've sent my DJI to "DJI GmbH" to repair the remote. as it came back to me a day ago i wanted to fly again. the problem is it doesnt take off and makes this wierd sounds (Video) The remote an the DJI drone are conected and they got the latest update. So...