adobe premiere

  1. BSparks

    First project learning with Adobe Suite with P4

    Hey everyone!, can you please take a gander at this one and leave me some feedback. Last video i posted was 8 minutes long lol and alot of people said i need to keep it at 2 minutes tops, so thats what i did lol. Thanks i really appreciate you all.
  2. V

    What premiere pro cc settings are best for Instagram?

    I've been trying to upload my edited 15 second video to Instagram, but once it posts, the quality drops dramatically. Once I upload my video to my iPhone, it looks HD but after I post to Instagram the quality isn't HD anymore. Can someone recommend the best settings to keep the HD quality?
  3. Man And Drone

    Tutorials - How to Colour Grade Your Drone Footage like a Pro

    Hey Guys and Gals respectively ;) I have some video tutorials for you. I know settings for the P3 and Inspire X3 have been covered quite a bit already.. but none really with more detailed rationalle for ND filters.. well none I can find anyway. Also my latest tutorial covers how to colour...