activation fail

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    Unable to verify SN when activating New P4ProV2.0

    Just got a new Pro V 2.0, when I connect the controller to the app the app will recognize the drone and brings me to the activation. I am able to get all the way to the end and when I hit the activate button I get a message that says unable to verify SN please restart the app. I have tried...
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    New P4P

    I just bought a new P4P and I have not been able to get it to work. I tried to activate on the DJI Go 4 app with my Iphone 7, tried scanning the QR code inside the battery compartment. It said failed. I logged off, logged on, deleted and reinstalled app, rebooted drone, changed batteries...
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    Dji Phantom 3 pro activation help.

    I need some help. I got my Phantom 3 Pro in the mail today from Dji after they repaired the drone. I opened it, got it ready for takeoff. I activate it, I can't get past the entering a new username part. It says a error to check the connection. I tried a few times. I tried with a Samsung Tablet...
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    Activation failed

    Hello can anybody help me? Activation failed (serverbackfail) contact DJI support if problem persist after restart. I called them on Friday and they said that i was my phone. So i just bought a tablet but nothing.. if someone have o had the same problem before, please help me thank you guys