1. BayouBill

    Need New Tablet

    I just returned a P3A because I discovered the lightbridge Bitrate is limited to 2Mbps and I was seeing lots of artifacts in the 720P display. So I sent it back within the 30 day limit and ordered a P3P. Very happy with it BUT.... My tablet (Nexus 7 II) worked fine with the 2Mbps coming from...
  2. F

    ACER Iconia 8 not working with the new DJI GO

    I updated to the latest DJI Go app (Phantom 3 Adv) and the program is not working on an ACER Iconia 8. The program will start, show the photo by Yi Tong, and stop working. I tried to uninstall and reinstall several times. Anyone has the same problem?