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    DJI Spark or DJI Phantom 3 Standard? Which should I buy?

    Dear PhantomPilots users I'm going to buy a drone, and I'm primarily been looking at these two. I don't know that much about drones. I just know that small Chinese toy "drones" are rubbish, and that DJI is one of the best brands, if not the best one. I have the opportunity to buy one of these...
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    setting up and correct settings

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I received my Phantom 4 pro Drone and have not flown yet as I find the most important part right now to have everything set correctly. I watched some videos from experienced users from whom I loved the quality in their video's and took over strongly recommended...
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    Massachusetts in Fall - P4Pro (4K60)

    Hey all, just wanted to share this video here. It was shot this fall in Massachusetts. Any feedback is appreciated!
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    Dashware 1.9.1 + DJI P3P video @ 1080p60

    Im new to Dashware. After a crash yesterday I found dashware and started extracting logs and videos. To my dismay it wont export 60fps video. Error @ create video screen "Error Rendering in MediaFoundationMedia Foundation Error + -2147467259" I shoot everything at 60fps. Phone, Drone...