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    Here's how to install 3rd party apps (Pix4d and Control+DJI in this case) on the Phantom 4 Pro+ built in screen

    Our office bought P4 Pro+'s to use for mapping, so I was a little concerned when I heard they wouldn't take pix4d. Happily after spending tons of time on it I managed to figure out a simple way to do it :) Here's my tutorial:
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    Tablet Issues With Phantom 4 Pro (I tried to be descriptive, little wordy)

    I am very new to DJI products. I have been using Draganfly drones over the past few months with the college I attend, however, recently I purchased a Phantom 4 Pro+. The controller it came with does not support 3rd party apps (dronedeploy, Pix4d, ect...) but works very well with the built-in DJI...
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    Is there any way to download a 3rd party app on Phantom 4 pro plus?

    I bought a Phantom 4 Pro Plus and I recently found out that I can't put any 3rd party apps on it. I need Drone Deploy for what I intend to do...Anyone knows of anyways of getting DD on my ph4 pro+?

    Litchi...How much!!!

    looked into buying the Litchi app, live in the uk cant believe how much it costs. £14.99 for the app then £3.99 for in app products, bloody ridiculous. I know these guys put a lot of time into the development etc into these 3rd party apps but surely they are costing them to high. I take it by...