1. K

    An Insightful Look at Drone Legalities in the US

    An extremely in-depth and (mostly) objective article about drone laws in the US. It's a long one so I'll log the main points here if anyone wants a summary. Full-length article here: Is Flying a Drone Illegal? A Comprehensive Guide to America’s Drone Laws "Few (areas of government law) are so...
  2. R

    In anticipation of Part 107 rules on the way

    Since Part 107 is rumored to be coming in June or sooner (at least that's what I've read), what should those of us who are already experienced drone pilots be reading and studying up on in order to pass the test and/or any other requirements that are likely to be part of it? I want to be ready...
  3. P

    Legal Fees for Section 333 Exemption Petition

    I am looking to hire a law firm to assist with a Section 333 exemption. Does anyone have an idea of how much I would be looking at for preparation of the Section 333 Petition from start to finish? Are lawyers charging hourly on this or flat fee (or perhaps so mix of both)? Also, are there...
  4. Denarius

    FAA 333 Petition Submitted, Now What?

    I submitted this petition on January 12th and was issued a Comment Tracking Number. For those of you who have submitted a petition, approximately how long does it take for it to be reviewed. I've tried searching the system with my Comment Tracking Number but it has not produced any results...
  5. sifu128

    333 Exemption cost and process

    Hey guys, I have a question on the exemption. Can someone break down the steps following and an estimate of the total costs on what it takes to obtain a 333? There seems to be a TON of misinformation out there. TIA
  6. jp_flkeys

    Amendment to approved 333 to add another Quad

    I have my 333 exemption for my quad, however I want to add another quad as well. I know I have to send in an amendment to do so. Can't find much info on this, can anyone help me out as to where I get the form, where it has to go, etc...Any info would be greatly appreciated or links. Thanks in...